Benefits to Schools

There’s a multitude of reasons to get involved with Climate Cycle!

By joining Climate Cycle, your school will receive many benefits including:

• A network of eco-minded schools that get together and share innovations. Our schools, teachers, and students are driven to find creative ways to share their knowledge and passion about clean energy and the environment. By joining our community, your school will be able to learn from and contribute to our efforts.

• A network of Climate Cycle supporters. This network includes local and national businesses, community groups, and concerned citizens. At Climate Cycle, we leverage this network to help schools implement their ideas around energy and the environment. While we don’t create curriculum, we can connect you with lessons you are looking for and help you create your own learning experiences for your school.

• Opportunities for small grants throughout the year. These grants are to help fund your school’s environmental initiatives and can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, some schools have funded bike clubs, done the plastic challenge, started anti-idling campaigns, and learned how to make small solar arrays for their classrooms.

• Participation in a one-of-a-kind bike ride and walk on Chicago’s lakefront. This annual ride/walk raises funds for solar panels and environmental projects in Chicagoland schools. Concerned citizens from all walks of life and across Chicagoland unite for Climate Cycle’s green schools cause. Participants garner pledges from friends and family which helps spread the word about the importance of inspiring youth and adults on living a greener lifestyle. Participants select from a 4, 10, or 20-mile cycling route, or 1.5 or 3 mile walking route along picturesque Lake Michigan.

• The chance to apply for a Green Schools Grant! Climate Cycle opens an application process after the Ride/Stride to Recharge, wherein a committee reviews the application and awards grants for a variety of initiatives, including Pedal-Powered Classroom systems, Solar Energy Arrays, and Waste Reduction Programs in schools.

To learn more about how to get your school involved, email Joey Feinstein, Executive Director  at